Arduino Tortoise Robot Module

A while back I bought this nice “robot”¬†¬†Intelligent Tortoise Smart Wheel Robot Module¬†from


DX TortoiseRobot

DX TortoiseRobot

The robot was delivered in a box, a quick inspection revealed that the all components seems to be there. The box included a CD-ROM but no other manuals, so I assumed that all the information was present on the CD-ROM. So I quickly checked the content of the CD-ROM, to my surprise there was only a short-cut to a RAR file. Therefore I wanted to contect DX, but I noticed that the RAR file could be downloaded. After inspecting the content of the RAR archive. I came to the conclusion that the documentation, mainly in chinese some parts were in english, was incomplete and not very well structured. Also the components do not always fit together nicely, so some shop work is needed.

Anyhow, putting it together this robot is going to take some time’ I’m trying to documenting some of my findings.

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